What do we wear for our Portrait?

What to wear for a portrait session is an important question, and sometimes a dilemma for clients. Whites and khakis vs. denim vs. a combination of vivid patterns and textures---there is no one right answer, especially with groups.

It’s not necessary that a family choose a rigid “uniform”. That's not really how families dress these days! I want the clothes to be secondary to the real story being told here, that of the relationships and personalities.

I can show you example images that demonstrate how colors worn by many different people in a group photo can compliment each other, even though they are very different colors. It's important to try to pick an array of flattering hues, such as the Forest/Earthy hues---a mix of dark green, muted gray and certain browns. Colors of the Sky—a collection of complementary blues. And consider the “Summer Colors”--a bright mix of yellow, pink and blue. But try keep everyone in your group in the same “family” of colors to look your best in group portraits.

Darker, mid tones are considered more “classic” and sometimes help the portrait withstand the test of time. But I want you to choose a color palette that suits YOUR tastes and personality. I should point out that bold prints and big patterns usually do not flatter the subject as well as solid colored garments.

Children, especially when photographed alone, are the exception. They can get away from conventional clothing easily, and can wear about anything---because they ARE children! They can be photographed in trendy, fashion clothing and accessories and not look out of place. They are not expected to look just like tiny adults! We want the “kids” to come out in their portraits!

If needed, just give me a call and I'll try to answer any questions about clothing selection for your upcoming portrait sessions!

What about my hair, and make-up?

Hair Styling and Make-Up - We have found it best, especially in the case of children, not to schedule your session immediately following a haircut. A week later is usually best. Adults know when their hair looks good! Your portrait session is NOT a good time to "try out" a new hair style. Women's make-up and nails should be appropriate for the clothing and portrait style desired. We encourage subtle make-up on most all girls, except for the very young. Our retouching process will add all the final polish to your rbmcgee portrait.

Can we just stop by the studio to ask questions and see some photo products?

No…. In order to make your experience truly unique, we ask that you make an appointment to come visit us in the studio for all consultations. We will answer all your questions and personally show you everything we offer. Our studio is open Monday-Friday 9AM to 6PM with some evening and weekend hours, too. But, by appointment only. When you stop in to visit we want to be sure our schedule is completely cleared to look after you exclusively. Will you mail me your complete price book? No…We are happy to answer some general questions about pricing either over the phone or by email/messaging. We offer the full details for pricing and delivery of all our products during a consultation at our studio where we can talk about designing your custom portrait sessions.

I really like Black & White images. Can we do some of those?

Yes! We love them, too! We usually start with digital color files and use special post processing techniques to produce beautiful Black&White prints.

Can I have images made outside, on location?

Yes! Within the time constraints we may have, we can visit different locations and you can even wear different clothing at each one. But you will need to provide your own facility, or vehicle, for changing clothing privately.

Should I cancel my appointment if I have a visible blemish?

No. All of your portraits are professionally retouched before leaving the studio. This service is included in every portrait we produce.

Do I get a set of “proof images” to take home and evaluate?

No. The studio is nearly 100% digital. There are no printed proofs available.

For High School Seniors and teenage clients---I’m thinking about the clothes I will wear for my session. What should I bring?

Unless your session is focused on a specific theme requiring special costuming, bring everything you have!!! Winter, summer, spring and fall clothing. Bring uniforms, costumes, warm-ups, props, sports gear, and musical instruments. Pack it all! Even if we can’t work it ALL into your session. We’ll look over your clothes and gear together when you arrive for your session and help you decide what you’ll look best in for your photos!

Can I get digital images for facebook, myspace, my pda, and my smart phone?

Yes. You’ll get a complimentary digital file of the resolution needed to display on social networks and devices of all images you have chosen in the purchase of any Gallery Print or Custom Book. If you are choosing a smaller collection, these lower resolution images may be purchased at an additional cost. These can be delivered on a USB jump drive if you make it available to us with adequate storage space for the files.

Can I get the full resolution digital file with permission to reproduce license for my portrait images?

We offer full resolution digital files, ready to print, ONLY with the purchase of our Theatrical/Audition Style B&W Headshots and Commercial works. These digital files are delivered on USB Drive, or via electronic means.  Custom portraiture may require  physical print orders of the  images.

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