About Us!

Richard McGee is the lead photographer at rbmcgeeportraits. He is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) through the process approved by the Professional Photographers of America. He has been involved in the study and creation of fine photographic images his entire adult life. He developed his technical skills through association and training with many professional photographers including portrait artists, wedding photographers, traveling photojournalists, news photographers, and landscape artists. He embraced digital image capture and processing as soon as the technology became commercially available. He still has an appreciation for fine film photography, and photography using modern film based technology could be available for your project. Richard and wife Suzanna operate rbmcgeeportraits from their Hickory NC studio. Their professional mission is to provide each client with images that are treasured for years to come: images that become a valued part of their client's legacy and family history. Understanding light, form, tone, and contrast in imagery: Combining knowledge of these critical elements with tomorrow's imaging technology is what rbmcgeeportraits is all about.
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